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What is at stake in the Argentine elections?

What is at stake in the Argentine elections?

2023-10-14 | Argentina

The US and the European and Latin American powers are following the Argentine presidential campaign with apprehension. The electoral collapse of Peronism and Macrism is in nobody's interest. The rise of an unpredictable and personally unstable Milei cannot satisfy any imperialist power player either, not even the US, whom the libertarian chieftain adores. Has the Argentine bourgeoisie gone mad?

Do we have something at stake on the 23rd of July?

Do we have something at stake on the 23rd of July?

2023-07-17 | Spain

It is expected that these elections will mark the end of a long crisis of the political apparatus of the Spanish bourgeoisie... and send to the bench a PSOE that, in the new stage that is opening, serves Spanish capital better by presenting itself as an alternative to the coming austerity rather than by imposing it.

Education or training?

Education or training?

2023-07-15 | Spain

Competency-based education is an unprecedented attack on the waterline of what humanity understands by culture, science and teaching; it turns teaching into instruction, culture and science into measurable and evaluable instruments useful for accumulation. In short, it distances students from the acquisition of knowledge understood as a path to personal improvement, and which has an impact on their future intellectual and vital autonomy.