This prize is directed to the enhancement of diversity in quality research by economists working on a variety of fields. The first recipient of the prize was Alan Kirman in 2010. The second was Fernando Vega in 2011.

Nominations can be made on behalf of any researcher who now or in the past has worked in some of the institutions affiliated with ASSET. Nominations should include the list of publications of the candidate, with a clear indication of the date and journal when and where they appeared indicating, in the case of Economics, the JEL field or fields each publication belongs to. They may (but need not) include a nomination statement referring to the variety and the quality of the candidate’s work in Economics and other fields. Nominations can be made by any researcher or group of researchers working in an institution belonging to ASSET, and by the candidates themselves, if they wish. Last year nominees will be taken into account unless they express their will not to be considered.
Submissions have to reach the Foundation (FUE, Fortuny 37, sotabanco dcha. 28010, Madrid, Spain or be sent through our contact form before June 15, 2012.

The method to classify candidates according to the diversity will take into account both the h index and the number of areas in which the candidate has published as indicated by the web of science. In both cases proper weights will be assigned to the number of papers of quality as reflected by the h index and to the number of areas in which the researcher has made significant contributions.
The FUE will appoint an ad-hoc Committee of four members chaired by the President of the Board of Directors of the Foundation and three other members. Aurelia Modrego, from Universidad Carlos III, will act as Secretary of the Committee. This Committee will choose a unique prize winner among those candidates pre-selected by the President and the Secretary. The decision, not subject to appeal, will be announced by the end of september 2012.

The prize will consist of a sculpture and a substantial direct financial aid for the organization, in connection with the 2013 ASSET meeting, of a special workshop conducted by the winner of the 2012 prize, on subjects reflecting the variety and scope of his or her research interests. The winner, by accepting the prize, will also commit to help organize the meeting. He will be presented the prize during the 2012 ASSET meetings, where the general subject of the special workshop will be announced.


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  1. […] y, mira por donde, la diversidad, una noción especialmente querida para la FUE que otorga un premio anual a algún investigador que destaca, además de por su calidad, por la diversidad de campos que ha […]

  2. […] En primer lugar es un privilegio poder reunir a un buen puñado de mentes pòderosas tratando de encontrar medidas de cosas como el desarrollo humano, la desigualdad, la salud, la segregación,el bienestar la racionalidad la influencia intelectual o la diversidad y no de cualquier forma sino llegando a caracterizaciones axiomáticas de esas medidas de forma que lo que estamos diciendo sobre esos asuntos tan serios y controvertidos lo podemos decir sabiendo que podemos hacerlo en términos de otros valores que creemos reconocer como aceptables. Claro está que, de todas estas mmedidas, la de Diversidad me interesó especialmente dado el premio que la Fundación lleva ya casi tres temoradas patrocinando. […]

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