Science, democracy and economics

A workshop organized by the the Urrutia Elejalde Foundation at the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, jointly with the CSIC and FECYT ~ Madrid, April 11-13 (2005). Coordinators: Steve Fuller (Warwick) & Jesús Zamora Bonilla (UNED)

We are seeing recently a radical transformation of the ‘social contract of science’. According to the old contract, the State warranted a high and growing funding to scientific research, deciding its priorities, but minimising the political interferences on scientists’ ‘internal’ practices. Public distrust to some research lines, and decreasing public financial capacity, make necessary a new ‘social contract’. Although it is not clear what this new contract should contain, it must satisfy at the least two basic demands: a critical and rational agreement by part of the citizens, and economic sustainability.

Brochure [PDF]


Contributed papers

  • Justin Biddle (Notre Dame)
  • R. Feltrero (UNED)
  • M. S. Labini (Pisa)
  • A. Lopez & J. A. Diaz (UNED)
  • J. V. Mayoral (UNED)
  • R. Moayedfar (Izfahan)
  • E. Prieto (UAH)
  • J. Reiss (UCM)
  • Alexander V. Romanishyn (KMA)
  • Santos Pereira (Coimbra)
  • D. Salpak (GSE, Kobe)
  • B. Urevbu & D. Osaghae (DSU)
  • Jesus Vega (UAM) & F. Javier Gil (Northwestern)
  • Jakob Vestergaard (CBS, Copenhagen)
  • R. Waddle (UC3M)

Winter Workshop Venue

Some basic travel information follows, in case it were of any use. There are all possible sorts of lodgings in Madrid. Our recommendation would be to look for a room in the areas of Moncloa or Gran Via. Moncloa is quite close to the conference venue: either a 10 minutes walk by the Parque del Oeste or a quick bus ride (A line, stopping by the Puente de los franceses). We enclose a map with three red stars: the one on your right signals Moncloa metro station and the A line bus stop, which is right in front of it. The closest stop to UNED is signalled by the little red star, whereas the big one on your left signals the building which hosts the conference. In case you wanted to walk, cross the Parque del Oeste and follow the Avenida

If you opt for Gran via (which may be convenient if you want to enjoy Madrid nightlife), there are lots of hotels and pensions. You might come to UNED using the bus line #46, which goes along the Gran Via and has a stop at UNED (Senda del rey street). It has three stops in Gran Vía and one in the Plaza de España and Paseo de la Florida which have a nearby metro station: respectively, Gran Vía or Callao, Plaza de España or Principe Pío. The stops are announced in the bus on an electronic screen.

If you want to look for a hostel in another area, you might find more about Madrid public transport system at: You may buy a 10 trip metro ticket (6,40 euros), which is also valid for buses. There is a metro line from Barajas airport to the center of Madrid. Taxis are usually reliable, but some drivers may not know the conference venue: if they don’t recognize the street, let them know that it is right beside the Consejo Superior de Deportes. A ride from Gran Via to UNED will cost about 6 euros.

Click here for a picture of the conference venue building together with another map.


Free. Please, send an e-mail confirming your intention to attend the workshop to: Jesus Zamora Bonilla (jpzb [at]

For further information contact

Jesus Zamora Bonilla (jpzb [at] Facultad de Filosofía (UNED.Humanidades) | Paseo de Senda del Rey, 7 | 28040 Madrid (Spain) | Fax: 34 91 398 76 93

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